Relux 2017 + a BIG screen…

Do you have enough screen real estate?

For all of you that has a serious amount of screen real estate – the upcoming Relux 2017 is a dream…
As you can configure the menu ribbon more or less as you wish, and the way you can rig the window panes – prepare yourselves for a real treat!

Full size = 3840x2130

Full size = 3840×2130

The screenshot above is from my Philips 42″ 4K monitor, with ALL ribbon menu items in place.
Among all these menu items, you can remove whatever you want and reorganize the whole thing – whatever you need.
You can split the menu items into relevant groups as you find convenient, and also organize the window panes as you wish.

For short – make the GUI as you like it! And if you have a seriously big screen – this is REALLY fun!
(The image above is in full resolution, so you can download it and have a closer look if you wish.)

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